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Guided Driving Practice and Parents Role in Teaching Teens How to Drive



The best outcome for new drivers depends on a team approach between home practice and in-car sessions.Parents need to make time for the student to practice the skills learned until good safe driving behavior become good habits.
The recommended practice time is a minimum of between 50-60 hours (10 of these at night) before obtaining their licence. You may download a useful driving log to track these hours.



Guided practice is essential to developing good driving habits. In guided practice, special attention is paid to what, how, where, and when to practice. A team approach is employed in which the instructor, the student, and parent/guardian work together in a coordinated effort. Each person has a specific role.
As a parent of a beginning driver, you play an important role before, during, and after your student has completed the course. You are not expected to replace the instructor, but rather to support, encourage, and assist in developing habits that will help your student be a responsible driver. There are several ways that you and your student can help this process.
Accessing the “Driving How-To’s“, “Study Materials“, and using the driving log on this website will give your student the tools to perform their driving techniques well.



During the driver education course, parents should do the following with their teens


  • Make yourself available for practice and discussion sessions with your student driver
  • Provide a safe and the right vehicle for practice sessions
  • Set a good example when you drive
  • Talk to your student and the teacher regularly about how you can help
  • Provide regular practice of the skills listed in the driving log
  • Respect your student’s efforts and feelings; have a positive attitude
  • Reinforce the skills taught by the teacher
  • Support your student’s instructor
  • Know the intermediate license laws
  • Establish family driving rules and limits
  • Talk to your teen about substance abuse
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