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**For Class 5 Advanced GDL Exit Road Test Please Call: 780-570-5373

Rental Vehicles Available for Class 5 GDL, Glass 5 GDL Exit and Class 4 Road Tests

Park Driving Car rental Oct 2017 CAR only
Park Driving Car rental Oct 2017 BRUSH up
Any vehicles that you reserve through Park Driving School are only for the duration of your scheduled road test and for road testing purposes only. In the event that you become ineligible at the time of your road test, fees associated with the rental vehicle may be forfeited as well.

If you need a rental vehicle for your road test, make sure you plan ahead, book and pay for the rental vehicle prior to the road test date and time.The price of a rental vehicle is non-refundable and must be paid by E- Transfer.

Be sure to bring your confirmation for your scheduled road test which will also include confirmation that you have booked and pre-paid for a rental vehicle.

The road test vehicle is available for rent to use at Sherwood Park Registry, AMA Registry and at Registry on Wye. Some conditions apply. BASED ON AVAILABILITY.

You must adhere and comply to rental vehicle reservation terms and conditions to rent a vehicle for your road test. You will have agreed to the terms and conditions at the time you booked your rental vehicle.

Preparing for your road test
If you have any additional questions, please contact Park Driving School Ltd.


Car Rental Terms and Conditions

  • You are responsible for any damages that may occur as a result from your scheduled road test.
  • You are required to report any accidents to Park Driving School Ltd.
  • You are required to return the vehicle to the same registry location that you picked it up from.
  • You are responsible for any traffic violations during the use of this vehicle.

You also agree and understand that Park Driving School Ltd is not liable or responsible for any injuries associated with the use of any rental vehicle listed

Contact Information
Address: 10 Harmony Place Sherwood Park, AB
Office Hours: 9.30am - 2.30pm Mon - Fri
Payment Method
paypal credit payment
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e-transfer payment