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Have a Brush-Up lesson with us, and pass your Class 5 Test with confidence!

  • All of our Brush Up Courses include the following:
  • 2, 4, or 10 Hours of In-Car Lessons guided by our Instructors
  • Free Pick Up and Drop Off Within Sherwood Park
  • Driving Evaluation & Report Card
  • Class 5 or Advanced Road Test Preparation
  • Multiple Lessons Available if Needed
  • Defensive driving skills included in all our courses
  • Our Course Selection is as follows:

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BRUSH UP - 2 Hours
Best for drivers who need just a quick session before their test.
  • 2 Hours of one-on-one in-car lessons.
$150.00 - No GST
BRUSH UP - 4 Hours
Best for drivers who would like just a couple of sessions before their test.
  • 4 Hours of one-on-one in-car lessons.
$285.00 - No GST
BRUSH UP - 10 Hours
Best for drivers who would like several sessions to build their driving confidence.
  • 10 Hours of one-on-one in-car lessons.
$650.00 - No GST
There is a 2-Hour Brush-up Lesson included in all of our Premium Class 5 Course Packages!
  • Check out our Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Course Packages and find additional benefits!
  • 15 Hours of Classroom Lessons (Also available Online)
  • Brush-Up lesson included in Course Package! Additional Value
  • Finish the Driving Theory and Education Classroom in 2 Days, or take your time and learn theory online instead!

A minimum of 2 hours of Driving Time on the Road

A minimum of 2 hours of Driving Time on the Road Get an evaluation report after your brush up. This will show you what you need to practice before your road test.

If you are about to take the Alberta Government Road Test, want to improve your driving skills or are new to Alberta, our brush-up lessons can be customized to suit your needs. Your in car sessions will give you added confidence, improve your driving skills and give you the tools to prepare for your advanced driving test or the basic Class 5 road test.

  • Learn to drive in winter, at night, or under extreme road conditions
  • Learn the best ways to parallel park
  • Understand driving practices for highways and freeways
  • Keep your skills sharp as you age, with aging driver lessons
  • Take brush up lessons to complete the Driver Education Course and receive a passing grade
  • Brush up prior to a road test
  • Driving Lessons are in 2 hours sessions
  • Special pricing for students who have taken our course and need more driving practice
*Based on Availability. Terms and Conditions Apply.
"I highly recommend Park Driving School. Ash is very calm, very patient and an excellent teacher. He has gone above and beyond to help achieve a drivers license to a very nervous student. Thank you, thank you, thank you."