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Parents Role

Guided Driving Practice

During the driver education course, parents should do the following with their teens

  • Make yourself available for practice and discussion sessions with your student driver
  • Provide a safe and the right vehicle for practice sessions
  • Set a good example when you drive
  • Talk to your student and the teacher regularly about how you can help
  • Provide regular practice of the skills listed in the driving log
  • Respect your student’s efforts and feelings; have a positive attitude
  • Reinforce the skills taught by the teacher
  • Support your student’s instructor
  • Know the intermediate license laws
  • Establish family driving rules and limits
  • Talk to your teen about substance abuse
"I highly recommend Park Driving School. Ash is very calm, very patient and an excellent teacher. He has gone above and beyond to help achieve a drivers license to a very nervous student. Thank you, thank you, thank you."