Platinum Level Training Online

More Information:

Our online driver education course offers 15 hours of interactive content, videos, and exercises which can be taken at the student’s own pace. Below are some of the benefits of taking the Online Classroom Session.

  • Take your time and learn at your own pace, up to 60 days, to complete the online lessons
  • Prepare for your in-vehicle training with interactive videos and exercises
  • Track your understanding and progress with checkpoints and tests throughout the curriculum
  • Online lessons available 24-hours a day from any computer with an internet connection


1. You will be sent a link to the online classroom within 48 hours of registration and payment.
2. Follow the link, and set up your online classroom account.
3. Start the online classroom. You will have 60 days to complete the online classroom.
4. Call Park Driving School once you've reached module 15 in the online classroom. 780-570-5373
5. Plan your road test early - but book your driving lessons on time.

Note: During peak months, please allow at least 3 weeks to complete online classroom before beginning the driving portion.