All students must wear masks and we expect each student to be fully vaccinated before the 1st driving lesson


The Government of Alberta has a number of helpful resources to guide you through the process of successfully obtaining a driver’s license.

How do I book a road test?

About the road test Click here

Book a road test Click here

Book a road test at an AMA Registry Click here

How can I prepare for the road test?

Driver’s Guide to Operation, Safety and Licensing Cars & Light Trucks

What you need to know to come prepared for your road test

Driver guides and practice knowledge tests to enhance your skills

Park Driving School’s tips and tricks for safe and successful driving

Videos on right of ways, intersections, turning, lane changes and more

Park Driving School’s road test tips to help you pass with flying colours

Learn about medical examinations and driver’s license renewal requirements

Exchange current license for Alberta license or international permit