All students must wear masks and we expect each student to be fully vaccinated before the 1st driving lesson

Road Test Tips

This page discusses the parent's role, pre-test preparation, teamwork, and guided practice for road test success.

Parent's Role

During the driver education course, parents are encouraged to:

  • Make yourself available for practice and discussion time with your student driver
  • Provide a safe and appropriate vehicle for practice sessions
  • Set a good example when you drive
  • Talk to your child and the teacher regularly about how you can help
  • Provide regular practice opportunities of the skills listed in the driving log
  • Respect your student’s efforts and feelings; have a positive attitude
  • Reinforce the skills taught by the teacher
  • Support your child’s instructor
  • Know the intermediate license laws
  • Establish family driving rules and limits
  • Talk to your teen about substance abuse

Pre-Test Preparation

The key to success in passing the road test is PREPARATION. Have a nourishing meal and plenty of rest before the road test.

  • Make sure your vehicle is ready for the road test – windshield has no major cracks, all lights are working, full tank of gas, keep your car clean and make yourself presentable.
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your road test time.
  • Stay calm and drive in a safe defensive manner.
  • Try to do the basics well – signal correctly, shoulder check each time you turn or lane change, don’t go over the speed limit and always stop at the stop line or at the crosswalk.
  • Make sure you are comfortable in your parking skills. You will be asked to do hill parking and parallel parking and even drive in the parking lot at the registry office. Learn to use the parking brake.
  • Know your vehicle – controls and equipment
  • Be confident and drive like you know what you are doing
  • Talk yourself silently through the test. Talk about signs, corners, traffic lights and any hazardous conditions coming up and how you are going to deal with them
  • Take driver training with Park Driving School and practice regularly with a trusted adult. Learn to be a safe driver which will then help you to pass your road test
  • Use the online tools on the Park Driving School website
  • Book your road test when your instructor tells you to – not when you turn 16 or when your one year waiting period is finished
  • If you went to another driving school and did not have a positive experience or failed the road test, take a brush up with Park Driving School in Sherwood Park! You will get the best driver training from us. That’s our promise to you!


The best outcome for new drivers depends on a team approach between home practice and in-car sessions.Parents need to make time for the student to practice the skills learned until safe driving behavior become good habits. The recommended practice time is a minimum of between 50-60 hours (10 of these at night) before obtaining their licence.

Guided Practice

Guided practice is essential to developing good driving habits. In guided practice, special attention is paid to what, how, where, and when to practice. A team approach is employed in which the instructor, the student, and parent/guardian work together in a coordinated effort. Each person has a specific role. As a parent of a new driver, you play an important role before, during, and after your student has completed the course. You are not expected to replace the instructor, but rather to support, encourage, and assist in developing habits that will help your student be a responsible driver. There are several ways that you and your student can help this process. Accessing the “Driving How-To’s”and using a driving log will give your student the tools to perform their driving techniques well.